By: Ambassador Team April 12, 2017

… and we’d love to have you be a part of the celebration!

On Monday, April 17th, Al Sanders (founder of Ambassador Advertising Agency) marks 90 years of life. His faithfulness to the Lord and to the life service He’s called him to has not only blessed each and every one of us here at Ambassador, but a multitude of others as well.

We invite you to express your milestone birthday wishes to Al below and share how his life has most blessed you!

Click here for more about Al, and here for more on his legacy … and be sure to watch our video highlighting Al’s 90 wonderful years! 


What Stations are Saying
  • Barbara Crowley

    Your and Margaret’s devotion to each other plus your walk with God has been a true inspiration. As a friend, you’re the best. Your Bible teaching was a real gift.

    Happy Birthday – Sorry I’m not there to give you 90 one-dollar bills like I did 80 on your 80th.

  • Dave King

    Thank you for your sweet example and challenge to finish well . . . you have been a continual inspiration and encouragement to our family. May this year be extra special for you and M.

  • Ron Harris

    Happy 90th, Al Sanders. The story I often tell about Al was when I first began going to the NRB convention. Al Sanders was a giant among Christian media leaders…and icon. After a few years of hanging around men like this, I was able to ask Al if he would evaluate a broadcast video of my pastor and our production. He quickly agreed, and I soon sent him a VHS (remember them?) of our service. I expected Al to write a couple of ideas to improve, and maybe a kind note. What I received was an 8 page, single spaced, typed set of evaluations, critiques, and suggestions. It was as if I were one of his big-time paying customer. I learned a lot from that…and not just about the video presentation.

    Al, you continue to be both a hero and a mentor. Have a great day!

    Ron Harris, MEDIAlliance International

    • Al sanders

      It was great getting your note, Ron, and to recall our delightful fellowship through the years. You particularly favored us by being in Sunriver, OR for our 50th anniversary. How good the Lord has been to give us these 90 years, 69 of them this June, together! Blessings on you and Judy in the important years ahead!
      In Christ ALONE!

  • Steve & Jane Murray

    Birthday blessings, Al. It was a privilege and honor to work with you and Ambassador for a few years back in the 1980s. May God continue to bless you and use you for His great Honor and Glory!

  • Tim Glenn

    On behalf of many of us folks here at Compassion International, I’d like to say happy birthday to an incredibly classy guy! It seems rare these days for men to leave such a strong legacy. In working alongside Ambassador and interacting with your family, I can see just how powerful your legacy really is. Have a wonderful day celebrating you!

  • Jim Schneider

    Happy Birthday Al from the team at VCY America! It was a joy first meeting you as a young college broadcaster in the early 80’s. Not only did you instill in me an excitement for Christian broadcasting, but you have provided an example of unending passion for getting out the Word! May the Lord richly bless you on this milestone!

  • Brad & Ellen Mattes

    Al, you have been a mentor and inspiration to many during your lifetime. Obviously, God still has a plan for your life and we’re certain you will continue to serve the Lord faithfully. All of us at Life Issues send our warmest love to you and Margaret, along with our heartfelt thanksgiving for your wonderful life–so far.

  • Tom Read

    Al, Happy Birthday. You were so kind to me as a young kid. I was so impressed with the wonderful way you announced Christian programs, it led me to follow in your shoes with many ministries. I hope you are planning on a book on your career. For instance, what did The Bible Institute of LA become? They originally had an AM station with our present call letters, KTBI. Al, didn’t Biola have an early FM station in LA? Stay well and active. Blessings, Tom Read – American Christian Network, Spokane, Washington.

  • Ron Walters

    H90thB2U, Al. For nearly three decades I’ve watched and learned from the best–you and the many protégé’s you’ve trained and launched over the years. You and Margaret were the Lewis and Clark of modern Christian Broadcasting, and I’m so honored to call you friend and mentor. I remember the first ‘letter’ (remember those?) you wrote to me. I cherished it and carried it with me for years. You’re absolutely irreplaceable, Al. Thanks for lending your immense talents to kingdom building. We’ve made such great progress because of you and your vision!

  • John Hayden

    Happy 90th Birthday Al! Is that Cypress Gardens background? You are and your legacy will continue to bless other Christian communicators around the world. Thank you for the positive influence you have had in my life. I just mailed a card to you today along with some thoughts but also wanted to say here that you and Margaret and your family are a blessing to all of us.

  • Nels Wilson, KBGN AM, Caldwell, Idaho

    Since having moved into Christian radio in 1969, the name Al Sanders has been there… a legacy of integrity, yet serving Christian radio through Ambassador. Thanks Al! Happy 90th!

  • Rhonda Repshire

    I never knew the impact you have had on my life until I spent a few years working in Christian radio. I grew up listening to many of the programs Ambassador has provided over the years. I am truly grateful for your single-minded focus on the Lord in every aspect of your life and your commitment to excellence in broadcast media. Not only did I benefit from the great programs growing up in the Lord, but now as a fellow worker in Christian radio I continue to benefit from the great services Ambassador provides both technologically and in the content realm. You have left a wonderful legacy through your capable, encouraging and Godly children, and while I am sure being with the Lord looks pretty good right now, I am glad you’re here to celebrate another birthday. Happy 90th!

  • Ric McClary

    Loved meeting Al for the first time while at the NRB convention in Anaheim. He was kind to let me sit next to him at the Ambassador table. He heard a little of my testimony and made sure I got to meet Cliff Barrows who was in attendance that year. God bless you brother Al and happy day!

  • Tim Land

    Many would readily agree that you are someone who has learned how “to number your days aright” and has faithfully encouraged others to do the same to gain a heart of wisdom. Speaking of numbers, let’s see… since you have just completed 90 full orbits around the sun, that would make your birthday today… Day #32,850! Yours has been a life dedicated to honoring the Son and making Him known throughout your days and wise use of media to minister in His name. Our Staff at KAMB 101.5FM here in central California remember fondly when you graciously came and served as the special Emcee for our station’s 20th Anniversary Celebration of being on the air and that was 30 years ago. This November will mark our 50th Anniversary and several decades of broadcasting numerous Christ-centered programs made possible by the wonderful ministry of Ambassador Advertising that you founded. “May the Lord bless you all the days of your life” (Psalm 128:5) and especially on your birthday today!

  • Tom Gentry

    Al, while I don’t personally know you as well as others I can tell you that one of the highest compliments I received was once being mistaken for you at an NRB convention, when the conventions were held at the Hilton Hotel in DC. Many years ago a young man, from one of the Christian radio networks, asked, ” you are Al Sanders aren’t you”, to which I replied “if I had Al Sanders hair and handsome good looks I would not be here, I would be in Hollywood! Perhaps I’m slightly exaggerating but I received it as a supreme compliment! Congratulations for all you’ve done for so many through the years, Al. You’re a legend in this business! Happy birthday, and may God continue blessing you and your lovely wife Margaret.

    Tom Gentry
    GM, WHVN (Heaven Radio)
    Charlotte, NC

  • Don Stephens

    Happy 90th! Birthday Al Sanders,

    Amazed always with your acceptance and belief in Mercy Ships and me personally. Yours and Margaret’s encouragement has been a well-spring of joy, a pathway for more professionalism and significant benefit to our ministry for these past 17 years. This professionalism, faith and integrity is readily visible in Peggy and Jim. Don

  • Wayne Pederson

    “The Lord makes firm the steps
    of the one who delights in him.” Ps 37:23
    Happy birthday, Al Sanders, A man I love and admire. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord. Wishing you a life and good health!

  • Bev Singleton

    A Most Blessed 90th Birthday to you, Al. And here I thought it had been that long since you made that regular long trek up from Orange County on Joni’s recording days! What unforgettable memories of Joni finding enough air to sound (and sing!) beautifully in her wee studio “closet” while you orchestrated the finished product. Dear Margaret sat near as she worked on her latest intricate stitchery. Then lunchtime came and YOU and MARGARET served us a lunch you had made with your own hands. Time and again… and again… and again… we were recipients of your many kindnesses. God bless you richly, Al — HE has blessed us by knowing you!!

  • Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Bountiful birthday blessings to you, dear Al! Wow … what a gift you (and your precious Margaret) have been so many! Thank you for modeling extraordinary humility, grace, and love. Only eternity will reveal all the fruit that has been borne as a result of your faithful service and encouragement and your tireless investment in His Kingdom. I thank the Lord for giving you a long, productive life, and pray that in this season you will experience much hope and daily, tailor-made grace as you continue to follow Christ and lean hard on Him.

    The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn,
    which shines brighter and brighter until full day. (Prov 4:18)

    You are loved!!

  • Jonathon Yinger-Christian Broadcasting System, Ltd.

    How GREAT is this. Praying and wishing you many more years here on Planet Earth.

  • Art Black

    A Nifty Ninety to you Al!

    What a privileged to have worked so closely and personally with you for many years. The wisdom I received at the feet of Gamaliel was beyond measure. “Well done thou good and faithful servant”!!

  • Denise Schobel

    There are some things that money cannot buy, and that is a friendship like I have with you, and of course Margaret.
    As you recall, about 7 years ago I
    asked you to pray for one of my children that was going through a difficult time. That request turned into a long and rewarding e-mail
    friendships that is one of the joys of my life. Thank you for your prayers, your godly wisdom, your
    encouragement and your sense of humor. I’m proud to call you my trusted friend.
    “Like apples of gold in settings of silver…Prov. 25:11. Happy 90th.
    Birthday! -denise schobel-


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