By: Haley Jessup December 15, 2017

It’s amazing to think of all the ways in which God can speak to us—even through a Christmas card!

On a recent edition of Making Your Life Count, Steve Douglass shares a story about a woman named Laura.

Laura had performed with a band at a prison outreach, and after the concert she met an inmate named Alan. God used their conversation to help turn Alan’s life around—to a point in which he even began taking steps to mend relationships with his estranged family members.

Later, Alan mailed Laura a Christmas card, thanking her for being there for him. And Laura realized that she and Alan weren’t so different after all … they were both lost and in need of the freedom bought for them, by Jesus Christ.

Laura now keeps that card on her desk all year round as a reminder that Jesus truly does transform lives.

The busyness of this season can easily distract us from really seeing the needy people around us. But, just like Laura, taking the time for conversation can not only “make our lives count” for Christ, but transform and change someone else as well.


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