By: Jennifer Perez April 5, 2020

This time of social distancing is making a lot of us change our plans, and the Colson Center is no different.  However, in light of the ongoing situation and the concerns over the economy, the organization is making their annual Wilberforce Weekend both online and free.

John Stonestreet shared a helpful update on a recent “BreakPoint” program:

Each year, the Colson Center family gathers for the Wilberforce Weekend conference in Washington D.C. with friends new and old. The Weekend includes incredible Christian worldview teaching, networking with Christian leaders from across the country and beyond, the commissioning of a new class of Colson Fellows after they’ve studied with us for a year, and, of course, honoring together the Wilberforce Award winner.

As you may have guessed, the live gathering we had planned for next month can’t happen, at least not in person.  However, all of this year’s Wilberforce Weekend content will be delivered virtually and, the best part is, it is absolutely free.  Given the difficult and uncertain times, not to mention the rising unemployment rate, we’ve removed all costs associated with this event and are trusting God to use this virtual event to equip and lead His people for such a time as this.

When we developed our theme for the event months ago, none of us imagined that “Truth. Love. Together.” could possibly be even more relevant somehow.  I mean the clash of worldviews in our culture is pretty steep as it is, but now, in the wake of a global pandemic, nothing is more central to the Christian mission in the world than to love our neighbors enough to share truth with them, and to make sure whatever we say and do is couched in true, authentic Christian love.

This year’s event features a host of world-class Christian worldview thinkers such as Os Guinness, Lee Strobel, Andy Crouch, Uju Ekeocha and others.  And again, it’s free and on-demand starting May 15.  You and your listeners can sign up now at


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