By: Lee Ann Jackson September 22, 2019

How many of us can say life has worked out exactly as we’d hoped and planned?

My guess is very few of us.

Yet, because of a sovereign God, we rest in knowing He has orchestrated every turn according to His master plan.

Resting though, comes with intentionality as, even though I know He is sovereign, through life’s ups and downs, I often have to will myself to rest in His peace.


In this month’s ministry blog, Anne Graham Lotz reflects on God’s sovereignty,

Over the past two years loneliness has knocked on my door. After forty-nine years of marriage, I had just begun adjusting to the new normal of widowhood when my beloved father moved to Heaven. Six months after his funeral, I was diagnosed with breast cancer that involved surgery, chemotherapy and radiation that meant months at home, sidelined from ministry. Yet only a sovereign God could have arranged my life’s events so that they coincided with the writing of my new book on the Holy Spirit, Jesus In Me. I have truly experienced in a very fresh, personal way His constant companionship.

The reminder that we serve a sovereign God is such a buoy when navigating the not-so-calm waters of life.  The reminder that only He could arrange our lives in such a manner as to draw us closer to Him . . . that’s a life-saver.

Anne goes on to say,

My experience has confirmed in a fresh way that the Holy Spirit is not a magic genie, a flame of fire, a dove, or an ecstatic feeling. He is not an optional extra in the Christian life…He is a divine necessity. He is One who prays for me, guides me, comforts me, loves me, and will never leave me. I could not have made it through the past few years without Him.

Anne’s writings and radio messages, remind us that our Father in heaven has revealed Himself to us through the pages of the Bible and through the Lord Jesus Christ.   She reminds listeners in the one-minute daily radio feature, “Daily Light for Daily Living” and weekly “Living in the Light,” program that He did not leave us like orphans, but has given us the Holy Spirit to be a constant companion.  He is truly a divine necessity.


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