By: Michelle Blood January 30, 2017

In a recent video, a young woman asks John MacArthur how she can know she’s saved. Take a moment to watch her poignant question and John’s answer here.  It’s likely many of your listeners have the same honest concerns.

For instance, they’ve heard that they can only be saved by faith. Well, how do they know if they have saving faith? What, exactly, do they need to believe? And what role—if any—does obedience play in salvation?

On Grace to You this month, John MacArthur answers those vital questions in a brand-new study out of Hebrews 11, titled A Faith That Pleases God (starts January 30).  Then later in February, John invites us to take the Salvation Survey (airs February 21-26) as he addresses a deadly form of deception—that is, being deceived about whether or not we’re saved.  Encourage your listeners to tune in all this month to “Grace to You.”  Quite frankly, it could be a matter of life or death.

By the way, coinciding with this month’s studies, Grace to You is making available a free booklet titled, Is it Real.  If any listeners contact you expressing doubt about their salvation, encourage them to call the ministry at 1-800-55-Grace and request a copy.

Download the February Program Tool Kit (opens in Dropbox) >>


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