By: Lee Ann Jackson March 6, 2018

It’s been my privilege to serve the Life Issues Institute in their radio outreach for nearly three decades and their luncheon event last week at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, (NRB), definitely ranks among my most memorable highlights!

On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence addressed a luncheon at NRB celebrating Life Issues Institute’s merger with Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List).

“Join me in thanking Brad and the whole team at the Life Issues Institute for all their work – this is a partnership made in heaven, I believe it in my heart and I do believe that the combination of the Susan B. Anthony List and the extraordinary resources and reach of the Life Issues Institute will continue to advance this cause and change lives.”  — Vice President Mike Pence.

Indeed, for such a time as this, it seems these two exemplary pro-life organizations have come alongside one another . . . at this exciting time as our country is being led by the most pro-life President and Vice-President ever in our history!

SBA List is the political and legislative leader of the pro-life movement in Washington, D.C., involved in key national races in targeted states.  The Life Issues Institute will continue in its commitment to provide effective educational tools for the pro-life grassroots and the American public.  As Vice President Pence reflected, it is a “partnership made in heaven” as both organizations look forward to the years ahead and the opportunities to combine their mutual strengths to save lives!

To those who were able to join us at the luncheon, we’re thrilled and trust the time together hearing the encouraging words from Vice President Pence served to also buoy you in your commitment to life!

And, to our friends who weren’t able to attend, we invite you to view some of the event highlights:

Also, stay tuned this week as Brad shares about this historic luncheon on the daily “Life Issues” 1:00 radio program.

And don’t hesitate to contact me at to schedule an interview with Brad to hear first-hand about his most memorable moments from the luncheon as well as his conversation with Vice President Pence before he took the podium!




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