By: Jennifer Perez June 10, 2018

I was fortunate to grow up in a home with a Mom and a Dad who were both very present in my life, and they taught me about God while encouraging me in my faith.

Now that I’m married and raising my own children (now teenagers!), I realize how critical it is to be intentional in teaching them about God; His love and His plan for them.  And I can recall many times when my husband helped fill the gap when I struggled to give our kids what they needed.

I have experienced firsthand how important a father’s role is.  So has Pastor Jim Garlow and he is passionate in speaking about absentee dads.  He shares this on an upcoming edition of “The Garlow Perspective” . . .

Whether you realize it or not—as a parent, you’re teaching your children something about your view of God—by NOT teaching them!  Sometimes it’s what you don’t say or don’t do that has a major impact on children.  Especially when it comes to their attitude about God.

Example: One is certainly absentee dads.  If you’re not there, you can’t impact your children.  Or even if you’re there, if you’re disengaged—same thing.

We need to grasp the need for clear, solid, consistent teaching in the home.  Don’t underestimate the slyness of this world in teaching your children.  When Jesus said, “make disciples of all nations,” He didn’t mean if we don’t do it, it won’t happen.

Think about it.  Someone is going to teach your children about God—one way or the other.  Mom.  Dad.  It ought to be YOU!

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