By: Peggy Campbell May 25, 2021

Just to say … my parents got this going 😊!  I never turn down assistance!

1-Husband of former Secretary of State/presidential contender

2-Bob Hope partner of crooning fame

3-American Sniper who was Gaga over co-star in another movie

4-Eponymous hero of Stalag 13

5-Robert Leroy Parker [I try to make a prior quiz valuable 😊]

6-Long-tenured NBC sportscaster, prime-time host of 11 Olympic games

7-This “Gentle Ben” has won two Masters Tournaments

8-SNL cast member, Oscars host, “Miracle Max” in Princess Bride

9-Ground-breaking actor (“I Spy”), Jello spokesman, “Dr. Huxtable” … now ignominy

10-Nicknamed after the animal he hunted on the frontier, star of wild west shows of late 1800s

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Answers to last week’s “NICKNAME” Trivia:

One more on topic … can you give me the nickname for the characters below—and the TV show in which they starred.  Bonus for their real (actor) name!

1-Samuel Powers             Screech; “Saved by the Bell”; Dustin Diamond

2-Leonard McCoy            Bones; “Star Trek”; DeForest Kelley

3-Eric Cartwright               Hoss; “Bonanza”; Dan Blocker

4-Theodore Cleaver        Beaver; “Leave it to Beaver”; Jerry Mathers

5-Walter O’Reilly              Radar; “M*A*S*H”; Gary Burghoff

6-Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli         The Fonz; “Happy Days”; Henry Winkler

7-Derek Shepherd           Dr. McDreamy; “Grey’s Anatomy”; Patrick Dempsey

8-Timothy McGee           Proby; “NCIS”; Sean Murray

9-Roy Hinkley                    The Professor; “Gilligan’s Island”; Russell Johnson

10-Laura Ingalls                 Half pint; “Little House on the Prairie”; Melissa Gilbert

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