By: Lee Ann Jackson April 6, 2023

User-generated content is a big thing in social media.  Thanks to smartphones and their impressive cameras, organic postings are more frequent and photographs are very eye-catching.  These online endorsements provide social proof that someone thought enough about your brand to say something. Nowadays, user-generated content (UGC) is garnering more attention than ever as companies find unique ways to amplify customers’ voice.

Enter the marketers behind the new Barbie movie set to roll out in July. Alongside the new promotional content for the film, the Barbie team has also released a selfie generator that gives fans the opportunity to insert pictures of themselves straight into Barbie Land.  An AI generator will automatically remove your photo’s background for you and then you can adjust the placement of the photo, the color of your sparkly background and the tagline that is shown above the photo.

Since its release, fans have been taking to social to share their own personalized Barbie posters and the trend is starting to go viral.

“It’s easy to recreate . . . the simpler it is to participate in something, the more likely people are going to want to give it a go.” Rudy LaFaber, creative director, Mediabrands Content Studio.

Just for fun, here’s the official link to make your own Barbie (or Ken) selfie.

UGC should matter to your station because it’s a creative, easy and effective way to engage your audience. 

Since a AI selfie generated UGC campaign may not be exactly what comes to mind for your station’s social medial strategy, here are three other easy ways to engage your listeners in a UGC campaign:

  1. Giveaway station merch on-air.
  2. Have a photo opp backdrop at your next station remote.
  3. Hold a “Highlight a Listener a Week” campaign and host  a listener for lunch at the station.

Whatever your UGC campaign looks like, be sure to invite listeners to:

  • Take pictures.
  • Post on their social pages.
  • Tag the station.
  • Include the designated campaign hashtag.

For more on how to create a UGC content campaign for your station:



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