By: Hannah Bare October 28, 2019

“How do we do this Hannah?  I mean practically, how do we grow in our prayer life?”

This question stopped me abruptly in my tracks as I considered my friend’s earnest question.

I spent the next few days considering how to best answer it.  In my mind there was much room for improvement, I wondered where to begin.

That week I heard an upcoming UpWords series by Max Lucado on the topic of prayer in which he says,

“Prayer is saying, Father, You are good. I need help. They need help. Thank you.

It’s that simple. Really! Talking with God doesn’t have to be complicated or complex. The power isn’t in the words we pray—but in the One who hears them!”

This was exactly it!  I was reminded that prayer is having an honest conversation with God, bringing Him our stress, fears, and weakness while praising Him all the way.

If prayer is as they say like a “phone call with God,” boy, would I owe the phone companies a fortune.  Because honestly, I am always on the line – I don’t ever really hang up.

I shared with my friend a challenge that Max will also give your listeners.  Here’s the challenge;

“Every day, for 4 weeks, pray for 4 minutes. Then, get ready to connect with God as never before.”

I’m taking on this challenge and hopefully you can encourage your listeners to do the same.  And let’s watch our prayer lives grow!


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