By: Charley Mefferd August 16, 2018

Things are moving at a fever pitch in San Diego offices and studios of Core Christianity, as hosts Michael Horton, Adriel Sanchez, producer Andrew Hess and their team prepare for the Labor Day launch of Core Christianity.

The launch date was moved up one week at the request of Core Christianity’s flagship network, Christian Satellite Network, which compressed the timeline just a bit.  Even so, the team is actively working to launch on what is shaping up to be one of the larger Christian radio debuts in recent years – approximately 400 outlets on Day 1!

“The entire team is thrilled to be launching Core Christianity on September 3,” said Hess. “We’ve received many great questions and have worked hard to provide answers that will help people grow in their walk with God. As the producer of the show, I get to learn from Mike and Adriel every time we record. I can’t wait to share this show with our listeners every day.”

Michael Horton is also the host of the weekly radio show the White Horse Inn which is a roundtable with fellow theologians.  I asked him how preparing for Core Christianity is different than his previous radio experience.  Horton answered,

“I had no idea how different Core Christianity would be from the White Horse Inn.  They are totally different audiences.  I’ve had to focus all my concentration on what the caller is asking, connecting the dots from the Bible to everyday life.  That’s actually been good for me personally.  With the coaching of Jim Sanders and the Ambassador team, I feel like I’ve made that transition.  Adriel Sanchez and I have hit our stride with these awesome questions.  As a pastor, Adriel is a great contributor.”

To watch the behind-the-scenes introductory video filmed at the Core Christianity studios, click here!  If you’d like to join us for the launch on September 3, please email me at or call 949-681-7640.


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