By: Michelle Blood September 27, 2016

Starting this week and through mid-October, there will be three U.S. presidential debates-the purpose of which to help voters understand where each candidate stands on the important issues. (By the way, according to a recent Pew Research survey it seems voters still feel the most significant topics they want discussed are terrorism and the economy.)  Ideally, by the end of these debates the American people should have a clearer understanding of who will make the best president.

That said, these debates may not answer all our concerns before we cast that vote on November 8, so the greater question among Christians is how to honor God no matter who wins the election.

On “Grace to You” in October, John MacArthur presents a study from Romans 13 addressing this very subject. With the nation moving rapidly away from any moral standards or biblical truth, this is an opportune time for your listeners to hear from Scripture how we are to submit to leaders even those hostile to God and His Word.  Encourage your audience to tune for for this timely series on The Christian and Government airing October 3-16.

Then later in October, John shows your listeners how God’s Word can lead them to salvation, help them battle sin, and provide everything they need to live a holy life.  It’s The Transforming Power of Scripture starting October 19.  Be sure and peruse next month’s promo packet for all the details plus what corrollary offers are available from

These are increasingly difficult days to be a Christ follower–that’s why we’re so grateful for your ongoing partnership with Grace to You® in unleashing God’s truth one verse at a time.

Michelle Blood
Ambassador:  We Connect. Ministry & Media.


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