By: Jennifer Perez October 31, 2016

With elections looming and so much at stake, it’s easy to feel hopeless and helpless when you consider the condition of our nation.  There is no question that we are in a downward spiral—spiritually, morally, and economically.  Only one thing is clear, our hope does not lie in any human institution or solution—including the political arena . . . nothing short of divine intervention will do.

You are invited to partner with Revive Our Hearts in prayer, to cry out to God in these days leading up to the election on November 8th.  This is not about praying for a particular candidate, or praying one political party will prevail over another.  And this is beyond asking God to bless America.

We are praying:

  • God will change the direction of our nation
  • The Lord will align our prayers with His purposes
  • For His will to be done and His kingdom to reign in our world

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says, “when it comes to the tidal wave of evil threatening our nation, I assure you our prayers are more powerful than any of us can imagine.”

Be listening to “Revive Our Hearts” November 10-11 when Nancy will share some post-election insight from a biblical perspective, reminding listeners that God hasn’t been wringing his hands worried about the election.  He is in control.

And, Nancy will air a special series for Thanksgiving week (November 21-25).  More details along with promo scripts are included in the “Program Tool Kit” for November.  If we can provide anything else, just let us know.

Crying out with you,

Jennifer Perez

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


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