By: Jennifer Perez August 29, 2016

My son started his sophomore year of high school today at a school marking its 50th year with the motto, “Tradition Never Graduates.”  This phrase sticks with me as I consider an important milestone for “BreakPoint®,” a daily radio program marking its 25th year.

Many BreakPoint® station partners have aired the program since its launch on September 2, 1991.  It’s become a daily fixture, or “tradition,” in your program lineup for many years and even after Chuck’s passing, you have continued to carry this important and insightful commentary.

Speaker John Stonestreet has recalled that he remembers riding in the car with his mom on his drive to school and hearing “BreakPoint®” on the radio.  And, Eric Metaxas experienced the impact of the daily program firsthand while serving as a staff writer in the program’s early days.  We could’ve never imagined the way in which God brought both John and Eric to lend their voices and leadership to this broadcast, as a way to carry on Chuck’s legacy.

So we want to thank you for your faithfulness and commitment to air this program along with their other broadcasts including “The Point®” (Daily 1:00) and “BreakPoint® This Week” (Weekly Half-hour).  We couldn’t be having this impact with listeners all these years without your partnership.

Now, in honor of this special anniversary, we want to share with you the very first “BreakPoint®” with Chuck Colson.  You can listen and read the transcript here.

Blessings to you as together, we seek to inform, equip and unify believers with a Christian worldview.

Jennifer Perez
Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


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