By: Peggy Campbell October 22, 2019

Just last week I learned a new word while attending the “Truth Matters” Conference.  (Actually, I learned a lot on many fronts as John MacArthur and others spoke to the central theme of The Sufficiency of Scripture.)


Ever heard that word before?  I had not despite spending a dozen years volunteering in the academic arena where most often used.  Here’s the definition:  A book honoring a respected person, presented in their lifetime; generally it takes the form of an edited volume, containing contributions from the honoree’s colleagues, former pupils and friends. 

I have to say I love this idea.  What a great way to recognize legacy—seems so much more appropriate than a gold watch! 🙂

In celebrating the 50 years of impact for Grace to You, without John’s knowledge, the ministry leadership orchestrated publication of a new festschrift titled One Foundation: Essays on the Sufficiency of Scripture.  Chapters were contributed by friends like Voddie Baucham, Al Mohler, Martyn Lloyd-Jones and others.  One was even written long ago by John’s dad, pastor Jack MacArthur.  Each segment addresses the core message of Sola Scriptura.

No organization is more generous with resources than Grace to You—as evidenced even in the conference setting where each attendee received a copy of this “festschrift” (and enjoyed every kind of refreshment—body, soul and spirit—imaginable).  What a terrific way to ensure that conferees would depart deeply encouraged anew at the power of the Word of God.

And, in November, listeners to Grace to You will hear this theme in a special week of broadcasts titled The Work of the Word, messages John recently preached as a part of the 50th celebration.

Thanks for your partnership in the celebration.  May the sufficiency of Scripture empower your own life in the Kingdom work you do!

PS  If you’d like a copy of One Foundation, let me know!  It’s a treasure, for sure!


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