By: Jennifer Perez March 16, 2020

In days like these when fear is all around, it can be easy to think that we’re the first to face such times.  But, as we hear from the always-helpful C. S. Lewis, there is a Christian way to approach the terrors that come as real nightmares.

On a recent “BreakPoint” commentary, John Stonestreet reflected on a classic essay by C. S. Lewis along with some sage advice for us.  He says,

Lewis’ words are just as relevant today as they were seven decades ago.  For people who believe there is a God, doing the “sensible” and “human” things are possible because we have hope.  For those who don’t have that hope, no amount of toilet paper or cans of Spam stacked in the garage can make anyone truly safe, must less solve the ultimate question of meaning that haunts us all.

Today as yesterday, the world is still in God’s hands.  Nothing has changed.  Whatever the next chapter of this coronavirus story might be, the same questions remain to us:  Will we trust God?  And then, will we love our neighbors?  And finally, how shall we then live?

>>Hear entire commentary: C. S. Lewis and the Coronavirus

In addition, the topic was discussed on the latest weekend program.  John and Shane talked about the proper Christian response to the coronavirus pandemic addressing these questions:

  • Where is our trust?
  • Are we looking out for the welfare of our neighbors?
  • How have Christians in times past handled health crises?

>>Listen to BreakPoint This Week: Christians and the Coronavirus

We invite you to listen and share these helpful resources with your audience.  These and more are provided in our Coronavirus Tool Kit here.

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