By: Lee Ann Jackson December 7, 2023

Tis the season for joy and a great time for radio stations to further connect with listeners through social media.

A survey revealed that approximately 34% of shoppers plan to use social media platforms to search for, or purchase, Christmas presents this holiday season.  That’s a good reason for your radio station to step up its social media game this month!

Here are 5 ways your radio station can amplify its social media presence this Christmas season and meet listeners where they’re spending time:

  1. Dress Up

Add a Christmassy element to your station’s logo.  This small update will show your listeners that your radio station is current with the season and that likely, your on-air content will be geared for the holidays as well.  Then, update the cover photo on your radio’s social media pages. (Need ideas? Google “radio station Christmas logos.”)

  1. 12 Days of Something

Create a series of holiday themed content – from Bible verses to quotes from programmers your station airs, there are a lot of creative ways to implement this idea!

  1. Get Cooking

Though radio stations aren’t connected with the food industry, food brings people together and Christmas time is a great opportunity to use food to share the personal side of your station team!  Share favorite recipes from your staff (add a picture of them – even from their own kitchen). Content with a personal element is a great way to show off your star team and show your listeners the real people behind the scenes and on-the-air!

  1. Say “Cheese”

Invite your staff and listeners to post their Christmas pictures and tag the station . . . then, share their posts! (You might consider using a designated hashtag incorporating your station call letters and/or on-air ID followed by “Christmas.)

  1. Ta-Da!

Make a reel to show off your station and studio’s Christmas decorations.  Keep in mind that reels don’t have to be flawlessly produced mini movies – don’t be afraid to leave in a blooper or two! Start by taking a few quick videos (vertically), go to Instagram, scroll through Reels and use a Christmas reel template to upload your content.  (You can also follow Instagram’s step-by-step instructions on how to create a reel.)

As you share the joy of Christmas with your listeners on-air, be sure to do the same on your social platforms and you may find your station has some new followers, and listeners, just in time to ring in the New Year!


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