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The purpose of this page is to assist Christian Radio partners as they respond to the effects of the Coronavirus within their communities.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries: A Prayer for Our Frontline Fighters (Video)

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♦ audio ready for download

A Word With You

•  A Prayer for Our Frontline Fighters (Video)
•  COVID Resource Page
•  Unsinkable Hope by Ron Hutchcraft (E-Book)

AnGeL Ministries

♦   Is There a Blessing in the Coronavirus? (Blog) (See in Dropbox)
•  While We Are Shut-In (Video)
•  In These Days…Share Your Testimony (Video)
•  Is the Coronavirus a Sign of the End? (Blog)

Core Christianity

 Coronavirus Special Broadcast (See in Dropbox)
•  Church During COVID (Social Media Video)
•  Should the Church Allow Public Health to Impede Corporate Worship? (Recent Broadcast)
•  3 Ways to Pray (Social Media Video)
•  What Are You Afraid Of? (Blog)
•  The Two Most Comforting Words in the Bible (Article)
•  COVID-19: How Christians Should Respond? (Article)
•  Five Ways to Bless the Church During the Coronavirus (Article)


♦  NEW 2-Minute feature added |Steve Douglass| Making Your Life Count Feature (See in Dropbox)
•  Peace to the Far and Near: How God Is Using Digital Ministry (Blog)
•  6 Healthy Ways to Handle Disappointment Right Now (Article)
•  #ReflectJesusWithMe (Social Media Campaign)
•  Ministry from a Distance (Article)
•  Making Your Life Count Bible Reading Plan (Resource)
•  How You Can Connect in a Time of Self-Isolation (Article)
•  COVID-19: Join Us in Seeking the Lord (Video Message & Resources)
•  The Coronavirus: How God Can Comfort You in the Midst of Uncertainty (Article)
•  Where’s the Peace in the World Filled With Fear? (Article)

Evangelism Explosion 

  COVID-19 Share Life Today Features (Scripts) (See Dropbox)
•   Wear a Mask … Be a Witness (Social Video)
•  Hope in a Crisis (New Webpage) (Added 4/20)

Focus on the Family 

  Focus on the Family Spots – English & Spanish (See in Dropbox)

  • An Encouraging Word from Jim Daly:  Watch the recorded half-hour event (YouTube)
  • Ready for Social Media:  “Don’t Miss It” (share the video)
  • Focus@Home:  Sign up for free family-friendly streaming (WebsiteWeb Banners)

•  “For Those Thinking Suicidal Thoughts During the Coronavirus Breakout” (Article)
•  Articles, Videos & More: Practical Help for Families at Home (Resource Page)
•  The Daily Citizen: Reporting News from a Christian Worldview (The Latest)
•  The Adventures in Odyssey Club: Free 28-Day Trial Membership (Children’s Programming)
•  Plugged In: In tandem with daily feature, guidance on screens and media (

Grace to You

♦  Prayer by John MacArthur (See in Dropbox)
•  Joy Rules (August 3-14)
•  Hope for Discouraged Saints (Video)
•  A Timely Word in Tumultuous Days (Video)
•  God’s Sovereignty In Our Trials (Blog)
•  Replacing Worry with the Right Focus (Blog)
•  Thinking Biblically About the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Interview with John MacArthur (Video)
•  The Promise of Peace in a Worried World (John MacArthur’s Sunday Sermon 3/15/20–video)


•  4 Steps to Achieve Christian Unity (Article)
•  God’s Prescription for Life (Blog)
• Pray Boldly For COVID-19 (Blog)
•  Dr. Michael Dudley’s Full Interview on COVID-19 (Blog)

Joni and Friends

♦  A Calming Word in the Coronavirus Outbreak (See in Dropbox)
•   FaithTalk Magazine Article Fall 2020 (Article)
•   A Foundation for Ministry (Feature Airs May 28th)
•  Thinking Biblically in Extraordinary Circumstances (Videos)
•  Shelter in Place with Joni (YouVersion Video Series)
•  God’s Sovereignty During a Pandemic (Video)
•  A Calming Word During the Coronavirus (Video)

Life Issues

♦  Do Not Fear. I Will Help You (See in Dropbox)
•  COVID-19 Webpage (Resources)
•  Third World Country Medicine (Feature Airs May 27th)
•  Life Issues COVID-19 Features: Politicizing COVID-19; The Unborn and COVID-19; Dan Lipinski a Hero (Scripts) 

Max Lucado

  TBN Video Spots (See in Dropbox)
•  Encouraging “Check-In” Video Message Series: (Facebook Live Videos)
•  Fearless: TBN Special with Max Lucado (Video)
•  Online Church with Max Lucado (Video Link)
•  Interrupt the Downward Spiral (Blog)

Mercy Ships 

•  Fulfilling Our Mission: Mercy Ships Provides Health and Well-Being eLearning Program During COVID Crisis (Blog)
•  Mercy Ships COVID Response (Social)
•  Don Stephens Interview on First Person Interview with Wayne Shepherd (Listen Here)
•  A Look Back: Mercy Ships Senegal Field Service Wrap Up (Article;
•  Thank You COVID Message From Mercy Ships International Board President, Rosa Whitaker (Video)
•  COVID Update (Article)
•  Encouraging Message from Don Stephens (Video)

Revive Our Hearts 

•  Anchors for Your Soul (Resource Quotes)
•  Coronavirus, Cancer, and Christ (Psalm 29) (Archived Broadcast)
•  Grounded: A Daily Infusion of Hope & Perspective (YouTube)
•  Rooted in God’s Word (Resource Page)
•  Hope for Uncertain Times (True Woman Blog)

Revival Outside the Walls 

•  Where is God with the Coronavirus? (Article)

The Garlow Perspective 

•  Thinking Clearly in the Midst of a Crisis (Archived Broadcast)
•  Well Versed (Resource Page)

Times Square Church

  Scripture Readings By Carter Conlon – It’s Time to Pray Feature (See in Dropbox)
•   Why I’m Not Afraid (Video Devotional)

Christian Commentary 

•  C.S. Lewis’: On Living in An Atomic Age
•  Church Service Live Streaming
•  Redeemer Community Church
•  Saddleback, Billy Graham Center, Wheaton: PEACE Plan
•  Susan Alexander Yates: How to Cast a Vision for Your Family in Times of Crisis
•  The Gospel Coalition: Should Christians Be Anxious About the Coronavirus?
•  The Raineys: THE Storm Shelter – 7 Truths to Remember in Troubled Times

Spanish-Language Content 

Aviva Nuestros Corazones (Revive Our Hearts)

•   Covid 19 bajo la perspectiva de Dios (Aviva Nuestros Corazones)
 Transmitiendo verdad, esperanza & gozo | ¿Cómo animar a las hermanas de la iglesia en tiempos difíciles? (Aviva Nuestros Corazones)
Confiando en Dios en tiempos de Coronavirus (Aviva Nuestros Corazones)
•  ¿Podría  el Coronavirus llevarnos a un avivamiento? (Aviva Nuestros Corazones)
Consejos para una esposa en cuarentena (Aviva Nuestros Corazones)
¿Cómo animar a las hermanas de la iglesia difíciles? (Aviva Nuestros Corazones)

Enfoque A La Familia (Focus on the Family)

•  10 maneras en que su matrimonio puede sobrevivir a la cuarentena del Coronavirus; Gary Smalley (Enfoque A La Familia)
•  Coronavirus: ¿Cómo Mantener Fuertes las Finanzas de su Familia?; Bill Arbuckle (Enfoque A La Familia)
•  Criar a sus Hijos durante el Coronavirus: Ayude a su Familiar a Mantenerse Unida (Enfoque A La Familia)
•  Cuarentena COVID-19: Acérquese a su cónyuge (Enfoque A La Familia)
•   Esperanza frente al Covid-19 (Enfoque A La Familia)
•   Mostrando Gracia a su Familia en Cuarentena (Enfoque A La Familia)
•   Hablando con Niños  sobre el Coronavirus (Enfoque A La Familia)

Gracia a Vosotros (Grace to You)

•  Gracia a Vosotros – Pensando conforme a la Biblia acerca de la Pandemia del COVID-19: Una entrevista con John MacArthur (Programa Radial)

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