By: March 19, 2020

Updated August 3, 2020

We’re so pleased to be able to channel timely content for your audiences to hear—messages of encouragement as well as information, all from the strong biblical perspective that is our shared mission.

We know you are expecting most programmers to be sharing content that reflects the reality of a culture in crisis … but here are a few updates and reminders as to what is available.  If you don’t currently air a feature that is noted below, don’t hesitate to request clearance for special series release.  All of us want to provide programming that speaks with the latest in view.

  • Grace to You
    Through this pandemic and challenging times we’re in, you’re probably asking, “What good could ever come of this?”  Yet even in the hardest circumstances, it’s possible to be content, at peace, and even joyful.  But how? John MacArthur answers that question in his study called Joy Rules.  As he looks at eleven life-transforming verses from Philippians 1, your listeners will see how they can experience a deep, supernatural joy no matter what comes their way.

Visit our website to download updated Program Tool Kits >>  

In addition to the above, a reminder that our station Coronavirus Tool Kit includes a growing list of resources for your use.  We are adding Scripture voiced by speakers, prayers, and new messages daily so check back tomorrow!
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