By: Michelle Blood October 29, 2018

It’s annoying to already see Christmas decorations in the stores.  It’s not even November.

On the other hand, one of the many things I’ve come to appreciate about Grace to You is the early attention they give to this holiday season.

Unlike the shopping malls and gift shops whose main focus now is on promoting and selling the holiday, John MacArthur wants to remind all of us about The Real Meaning of Christmas.  Starting this week on “Grace to You,” John shares not only the significance of this holy season but how we can prepare for true worship.  More importantly, he helps us recognize the dangers of forgetting (yes, forgetting) what this season is truly all about—the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Last week, I received my monthly letter from Grace to You along with a timely resource to this broadcast series.  In this booklet, John tells of six ways we can miss Christmas.  Do any of these characteristics seem familiar to you?

  • preoccupation
  • fear
  • indifference
  • rituals
  • idolatry
  • over-familiarity

Admittedly, a few were all-too familiar to me, but I can honestly say this piece was a welcome sight, even in October.

Encourage your listeners to secure this booklet, “Six Ways to Miss Christmas,” (it’s available free as a PDF download).  And of course, make sure to tell your listeners to tune in this week to “Grace to You” for The Real Meaning of Christmas (airing 10/29-11/2).

For all the details, including all the great programming ahead in November, download the Program Tool Kit.



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