By: Lee Ann Jackson October 22, 2019

When is the prime of life?

That was the topic of our pastor’s message this past Sunday.

Our pastor reflected that many, including him, would argue that the last two decades of life are usually the prime of life, spiritually speaking.

He shared Psalm 71 and King David’s late in life prayer:  “So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation.”

I don’t know the exact timetable to the prime of life, but this I do know, the message of eternal life in Jesus Christ is one we need to share no matter our season of life.

I also know that the value of life is another message we need to be equipped and ready to share  . . . always.

Brad Mattes, President of the Life Issues Institute, is a veteran of the pro-life cause. Brad has more than 42 years of educational, political and humanitarian experience. Currently, in addition to hosting the daily 1:00 “Life Issues,” Brad serves to protect innocent human life as:

  • Peer counselor to men who’ve lost a child to abortion.
  • Media spokesperson for television, radio and newspapers.
  • Speaker at pro-life banquet and educational events.

Brad just returned from his third trip to South Africa where he briefed with the staff of Doctors for Life, spoke at the University of Durban Westville to a group of physicians, medical students and high school students. He provided two keynote addresses at the National Alliance for Life Conference, which Doctors for Life are a member of. His first presentation was on euthanasia and how the definition of death, a subjective diagnosis, is being used to promote quality of life ethic over a value of life. He also joined with hundreds of people at the Durban March for Life.

Reflecting on his time in South Africa, Brad shares in a recent blog:

America’s most tragic export has been abortion and wherever I go, they plead for the United States to end the human carnage of abortion so they can more readily end it there. By God’s grace, South Africa is now better equipped to engage in the battle to end abortion.

P.S.  Sanctity of Life Sunday is January 19, 2020 – mark your calendar now to air the 26:00 radio special from the Life Issues Institute.  Details to follow shortly!


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