By: Jennifer Perez January 2, 2020

Today I was struck while listening to Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth teach on the key to spiritual growth.  Her program was part of a series on the importance of developing a devotional life and as she taught about Jesus’ example, she said that it was humanly impossible for Jesus to fulfill his ministry without setting aside time to pray.  She recited portions of Scripture like Luke 5:16 where Jesus would withdraw to get time alone with the Father, and Mark 1:35 where Jesus got up and departed early in the morning to pray.  We see in Jesus the priority and purpose of a devotional life.

Nancy shares . . .

Authentic, effective ministry always flows out of union and communion with God.  Then, if we’re going to be effective servants of the Lord, if we’re going to have something to give to others, we have to cultivate and maintain a growing, vital, intimate love relationship with Christ.  There’s no fruitfulness without union and communion with Christ.

It’s time in God’s presence that quiets our hearts, restores our souls, and calms our spirits.  If you’re like me and desire to develop a more consistent habit of reading your Bible in 2020, but you aren’t sure how to get started, these programs are for you.

This month on “Revive Our Hearts,” listeners will be challenged to get into God’s Word with resources to help them form daily habits.  For example, these are just two of many recommended Bible resources they’re offering:

>New 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge

Read through the book of Acts.  You’ll receive a daily email devotion and Scripture reading.  As you develop this discipline, you’ll learn about God’s plan for His Church and discover your individual call to share the gospel with others.

>Bible Reading Plans

Whether you’re just starting to read the Bible or have been devouring the Word for years, we can help you find the perfect Bible reading plan for 2020!

Program details and daily promo copy for January is provided here.

You’ll want to tune in as Nancy encourages us to cultivate this daily habit—not to earn brownie points with God, but because meeting with God makes us more like Jesus.

We hope you’re enjoying a wonderful start to 2020!  On behalf of Nancy and the ROH team, thank you for your partnership and prayers as we serve Him together.


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