By: Michelle Blood March 4, 2019

“If God has a will for my life than He will reveal it to me if I’m in the right place to receive it.”- John MacArthur

It’s not uncommon for people to base life’s most important decisions on little more than their personal feelings.  But feelings won’t deliver God’s will to God’s people.  So how can you know God’s will—even in the gray areas of life?  The answer may be less mysterious than you think.

On “Grace to You” this week, listeners will hear the most popular study from John MacArthur–as part of the 50th anniversary celebration–titled, If God’s Will Is So Important, Why Can’t I Find It?  John presents clear, biblical guidelines to navigate any decision—even the difficult ones.  Tell listeners to tune in Tuesday-Friday (3/5-3/8) as we’re confident it will help them sort out fact from fiction when it comes to discerning God’s will.

Personally, I’d recommend listeners not only tune in this week but secure a copy of the booklet, Found: God’s Will.  Early on in my Christian walk, this was an area I struggled with.  There were so many decisions to make as a single mom and the uncertainty of knowing what decision was God’s will for my life was so overwhelming.  A few years ago, I read this booklet by John MacArthur and it drastically changed my perspective and prayer life.  John notes in the first chapter “…what one needs to know about the will of God is clearly revealed in the pages of the Word of God.”  Bottom line, we won’t ever know God’s will for our lives if we’re not reading and studying the Bible … everyday.

Later this month, John shows your listeners exactly what the gospel is . . . so they can be sure they know the salvation message and how to effectively proclaim it.  It’s a compelling look at The Gospel According to Paul (airing 3/11-29) where John also answers this crucial question . . . “Are there any discrepancies between Paul’s teaching and what Jesus Himself says about the good news?”

For more details about these two studies and the resources available, download Grace to You’s Program Tool Kit for March here.

NRB is just around the corner.  If you’ll be in Anaheim for Proclaim 19, please do let me know so I can hand you a box of Ambassador’s white chocolate-covered peanuts :-)!


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