By: Lee Ann Jackson June 1, 2023

Social media continues to grow in astronomical figures – currently approaching 5 billion users. Detailed analysis shows that there are 4.80 billion social media users around the world in April 2023, equating to 59.9 percent of the total global population.

With over 2 billion monthly active users and 95 million visuals uploaded daily, Instagram is recognized as a giant in the social media industry.

On the surface, it may seem like Instagram is an easy platform to navigate, but there are key pitfalls you should avoid when managing an Instagram account for your radio station.

Here are 5 top things not to do on Instagram:

  1. Don’t buy followers and engagements.  Instagram deems these acts as disingenuous. Grow you account and facilitate engagement the right way.
  2. Don’t post without double-checking to ensure that all content pieces are factual and/or current.
  3. Don’t tag people or companies in your post who you shouldn’t  – avoid inferring unsolicited perceived affiliation or leveraging of a name/brand in an attempt to garner engagement.
  4. Don’t use banned hashtags.  Yes, Instagram bans certain hashtags and if you use them, your posts might get restricted and won’t show up on your followers’ feeds or in searches. (How to check if a hashtag is banned? Check out the Explore (Search) tab and type in the hashtag – if the hashtag doesn’t show up in the Explore tab, it’s banned.)
  5. Don’t upload low-quality, watermarked images or video.

There’s no denying that Instagram is a massive platform with many active users who are, or could be, your station listeners.   With proper content creation and management, (and awareness of what not to do), you’ll position your station to do well and, with time, grow on Instagram.


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