By: Lee Ann Jackson March 6, 2018

With #Proclaim18 in the rear view mirror and the urgencies of the back-to- the- office work days facing you straight on, it’s easy to get immersed in office catch-up mode and lose your NRB momentum!

Here are 5 things to consider for your post-NRB action plan now to get the most out of your experience long-term:

  1. Carpe diem. Make time to follow-up with folks you met at NRB.  Connect on LinkedIn or send an email.  And here’s where detail is important – be sure to reference something you specifically conversed with them about.  Everyone likes to be remembered . . . particularly on a personal level.
  2. You’re in broadcasting, so broadcast. While at NRB, did you hear about changes in industry trends? Write up a brief report on what’s new and what you’ve learned. This is a great way to help solidify it in your own mind, as well as giving you a good reason to organize your thoughts around the most important things you took away from the convention.
  3. Offer feedback. If you’re sent a survey, fill it out.  Be sure to include praise and constructive criticism  . . . and most importantly, thank the NRB organization team for all their #Proclaim18 planning efforts (See tip #5!)! Also,  share your thoughts and photos about your experience, whether it’s on your blog or even a Facebook post. This is valuable insight for conference organizers, fellow attendees, and the community.
  4. Take inventory of your notes. If you’re anything like me, no matter how diligent you are in trying to write notes in one notepad or journal, inevitably, you’ll hear something you don’t want to forget, go to write it down and all you can find is a sticky note.  Now is the time to transfer all your notes (from sticky notes, back of business cards and napkins), into one place.  Also,  be mindful of details which may have inadvertently slipped  your mind and write those down as well.  As the Chinese proverb goes, “The palest ink is better than the best memory.” Capture all your notes now for easy retrieval later!
  5. Gratitude is always the right attitude.Thank your boss for sending you to NRB – share a brief note about what the convention meant to you and how it impacted you both personally and professionally!


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