By: Jennifer Perez February 11, 2019

At the start of a new year, we wondered what would make this year’s headlines.  The speed at which the unthinkable has become the new normal has been dizzying.  Of course, the news stream will continue to flow relentlessly.  But we must remember this: A greater quantity of information doesn’t guarantee greater quality.  In fact, the opposite is true.

Our news-saturated world leaves too many Christians confused, uncertain, fearful—even deceived.  They don’t know how to filter the news and information they encounter through a biblical lens.

It’s for their sake that The Colson Center exists and provides radio programs like BreakPoint and other resources to help fellow believers discern truth amidst all the noise.  As a Christian radio station partner, you know how vital it is to bring believers the clarity, confidence and courage that come through owning a robust Christian worldview.

In a response to BreakPoint’s ministry, Lori, a teacher from rural Indiana shares how much she values their resources and insights:

I want to thank you for all the wonderful resources you put out on a daily basis.  You expand my worldview, help me think critically about the issues of our day, and give me access to deep thinkers that I would not otherwise have.

We also thank you for sharing BreakPoint’s daily commentary and other broadcasts like the weekly “BreakPoint This Week” where host John Stonestreet has provided helpful discussion on the latest news including response to New York’s late-term abortion bill and other concerns.

In sharing these programs with listeners like Lori, you’re serving to inform, equip and unite your audience to raise a clear Christian voice—without fear, confusion or compromise.  You’re helping to expand the worldviews of those in your community at a critical time in our nation and our world.


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