By: Kari Medina March 9, 2020

As I was reviewing programming this month from Pastor Carter, I heard him say in one of his upcoming It’s Time to Pray features that “When you honor God, He will do mighty things through you. Not things that will get you on a cover of a magazine but things that are eternal and life-changing.” It made me stop and think am I really trying to honor God in all that I do? What kingdom work am I not being able to carry out because of my selfish sinful nature?

A few weeks ago I started doing a devotional study with a group of women at my church on the names of God. Last week, one of the names we touched on was Adonai, which means “lord or master”. Lord is more than a word though it is indicative of a relationship. The lordship of God means His total possession of me and my total submission to Him as Lord and Master. He is my master and I am His servant. Psalms 86:5 says – “For you, Lord [Adonai], are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon you.”(NKJV) I am thankful that this is the type of Master I serve and though often I fail to submit my ways to Him, He is ready to forgive.

Pastor Carter goes on to say in his message, “I pray that God will flow through all of us and do His mighty works. Are you willing to believe that God can do mighty things through you? I hope that you are. You will find it when you begin to pray.”  It too is my prayer (and maybe yours as well) that we are willing to declare His Lordship over our lives daily, strive to honor Him in all that we do and believe that He can do a great work in us.

We are grateful for those of you serving in Christian radio that are committed to sharing daily messages like these with your listeners from Pastor Carter.

With that said, I’d like to acknowledge that Pastor Carter has faithfully honored God over the last 26 years while serving at Times Square Church. God has done a mighty work through Pastor Carter that has extended beyond the people of Manhattan, reaching over 200 countries through TSC’s World Wide Prayer Meeting every Tuesday at 7 PM EST. Over the past decade, Pastor Carter has felt a mandate of the Lord to call the nation to pray, as evident in both of his broadcast features It’s Time to Pray and A Call to the Nation.

Recently, Pastor Carter has announced that he will transition from his current role of Senior Pastor to that of Chairman of the Board and General overseer of Times Square Church Inc. Pastor Carter will lead the World Wide Prayer Meeting every Tuesday and continue to preach on occasion at TSC and it will continue to provide a strong conduit for content from Pastor Carter. There will be no changes to the existing broadcasts that feature his inspiring messages. His new role will afford greater opportunity to focus on this mandate of the Lord to call the nation to pray.

Lastly, Pastor Carter has two upcoming radio specials that focus on this call to prayer; Easter (April 12) & National Day of Prayer 2020 (May 7). For more information visit our specials page or email with any questions or comments.

Learn More about the Change in Leadership at TSC

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