By: Katie Burke June 24, 2019

Here at Ambassador, one of our greatest joys is helping form partnerships around shared goals and values.  And this year, we’ve introduced you to our newest partner – Thrivent.  We want you to continue to get better acquainted with the membership organization committed to helping families be wise with money!  The June 2019 issue of Thrivent Magazine offers useful financial information and inspiration for you and your listeners.  It’s the kind of practical guidance heard every day on the new short feature with Callie Briese, “Be Wise and Thrive.”  (Click here to audition and request clearance to air.)

In one feature from the magazine, readers are encouraged to “get crafty” with low-cost activities to help foster faith in their family.  Consider sharing these fun ideas from Thrivent with your listeners!

Low-Cost Faith-Building Family Activities:

  • Table-time thankfulness: Go around the table at mealtime and say what you are thankful for that day or pray for someone.
  • Car praise parties: Sing along to worship music as you drive.
  • Bible trivia: Create your own trivia questions based on recent church sermons or Sunday School lessons.
  • Gratitude detective: Be on the lookout for the things that make you feel thankful, and take turns sharing those with each other.
  • Kindness cards: Write kind thoughts or Bible verses on sticky notes and leave them in unexpected public places.
  • Financial thermometers: Whether your family is saving for a mission trip or another special faith-focused goal, track your progress with a thermometer chart hung on the refrigerator. Have every family member take turns coloring it in as you progress.

Thrivent has a lot more on fostering faith and nurturing generous hearts.  Check out their new feature, “Be Wise and Thrive,” and then see how a three-compartment money system can be an easy way to help kids learn financial values.


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