By: Jennifer Perez April 3, 2017

Nancy’s teaching series on Titus 2:1-5 wraps up next week and we’re pleased to report that women everywhere are resonating to this message, realizing that God has a beautiful design for their life.

In these final programs airing April 10-11, listeners will hear from women who are discovering that design and living out the beauty of the gospel in a world that’s not always so beautiful. Women like Whitney who shared the following response to these programs:

Thank you so much for tackling counter-cultural issues in your “God’s Beautiful Design for Women” series! I am a stay-at-home mom and farm wife and find it difficult to find anyone who values the idea of putting my husband and kids first. I’ve been struggling with finding fulfillment at home because there is such little support for what I’m doing in society.

When I’ve sought help from family, a counselor, and friends, I am usually encouraged to pursue a job outside of the home as a solution. It was so encouraging to hear the programs that reinforced that raising Godly children and supporting my husband are a high and holy calling. I have a renewed sense of purpose knowing that I’m not the only person still valuing a woman’s influence in the home. I hope that your ministry is able to reach more women like myself and also that more churches would be willing to encourage women to place their family as a higher priority. Thank you for your commitment to sharing scripture, even when it might not be received well in the culture today.

Each weekday, “Revive Our Hearts” with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth helps women discover greater freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ. You’ll hear faithful, biblical teaching and practical discussions on how to live it out. Thank you for joining us in reaching your audience with these challenging, yet encouraging messages.

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