By: Michelle Blood February 11, 2020

Not a week goes by when I haven’t heard from a friend or family member who is facing a significant trial in their life.  There’s the wife of a friend who has breast cancer for the 2nd time … loved ones who are still grieving the loss of their son … a cousin who lost his job … friends dealing with chronic pain.  Maybe you know someone who is struggling with one hardship or another?  If so, they are likely asking these questions:

  • Why does God allow His children to suffer?
  • Why do Christians have to deal with illness . . . financial hardships . . . and the loss of loved ones?
  • What good can come from suffering?

John MacArthur says, “Take heart. No matter what you’re facing today, or what you may have to face tomorrow, if you belong to God you can be confident there’s a powerful purpose in your pain.”

And that’s the focus of this week’s study on “Grace to You” (airing through February 21).  In this series titled, Benefiting from Life’s Trials, listeners will see God’s good and loving purposes in those trials and learn how they can know real joy and peace, even in their darkest days.  Coinciding with this broadcast series, the ministry is making available to listeners a helpful resource filled with biblical truths and practical insights to equip them when facing their most difficult trials.  The Power of Suffering is free to anyone contacting the ministry for the first time (check out the details here).

Then later this month, listeners will want to tune in for John’s brand-new series … The Word Made Flesh (airs February 24-28).  It looks at John 1:1-18 … a section of Scripture that gives you an unparalleled account of exactly who Jesus is, why He came to earth, and how He saves His people.  This text will also help your listeners know how they can glorify Christ in any situation, including those times of trial and suffering.

We’re so grateful for all you do to bring the truth of God’s Word to your audience day-in-and-day-out.  If there’s ever anything we can do to support your efforts, do let us know.

P.S.  Don’t forget to download February’s Program Tool Kit to see more on the programming and resources available this month from Grace to You.


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