By: Michelle Blood June 4, 2018

I miss my dad, but I don’t grieve over his passing.  His health and mind were failing him and now he’s enjoying the riches of Heaven, fully healed.  That brings me joy.  What I do miss though is him meeting his first great-grandson and being able to watch his oldest grandson be a father to that little boy.

My dad was generous with giving love and the right kind of discipline to both his children and grandchildren.  That was the best part of his legacy.  However, he wasn’t a spiritual leader.  As a family we went to church most Sundays but we weren’t raised to know the Lord and His ways.  And, we didn’t talk about sin or have a clear understanding of the gospel, much less a need for a savior.

Maybe there are parents in your audience (like my dad) who are lacking the guidance and instruction on how best to raise their kids in a way that invites the Lord’s blessing on their family.  With Father’s day around the corner, now is a good time to encourage them to tune into Grace to You.  This month listeners will hear John MacArthur share several key things a parent must do and mustn’t do in a study called, God’s Pattern for Parents.  It’s clear, biblical instruction for new and veteran parents alike, airing June 11-15.

Then later this month, John answers the question, Why Do I Still Sin?  It’s a look at Romans 7 and what the apostle Paul says about fighting sin.  Listeners will learn about its power and how to minimize its effects.  Lots of truth airing this month.  You can find a complete list of programs and resources available in June right here.

My dad came to the Lord late in his life, after 3 of his 4 children had already made a decision for Christ many years before.  He said once how much it meant that his children cared enough about his salvation to share the gospel with him, repeatedly.  Knowing my dad and the teacher he was to us throughout our lives, I think he probably wished he’d been the one to lead us.  Regardless, I’m sure he’d be pleased to know his great-grandson is being raised by a family of believers who are sharing the gospel with him everyday.

Blessings to you and your family this Father’s Day!


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