By: Lee Ann Jackson May 1, 2017

Somebody said “the radio reminds me of my home far away.”

I agree.

When I’m listening to Joni Eareckson Tada on “Joni and Friends,” I’m reminded of my home far away . . . heaven, my eternal home.

This month marks the 35th year of Joni pointing listeners to their home far away through “Joni and Friends” radio (see press release).   Through the sharing of scripture and sometimes, song, Joni brings the good news of Jesus to hurting people in her daily 4:00 feature. Her life and testimony as a woman changed by disability and saved by a relationship with Jesus offers a unique platform for inspiration.

“I’ve always considered our radio programs as an avenue God uses to speak strength, courage and comfort into the hearts of His children,” Joni reflects on this radio milestone.

A charter radio station partner airing the program from day one reflects,

“Joni and Friends is a welcome break from all the chaos in our culture. Her peaceful words bring comfort and assurances of God’s grace   Joni, thank you for shining brightly for 35 years.”   – Brad Bales, KNDR Station Manager, Bismarck, ND.

One of Joni’s greatest joys is to

“keep passing on the heart-pumping, faith-strengthening insights I’ve gleaned in the five decades I’ve lived as a quadriplegic,” It’s the purpose behind the Joni and Friends daily radio program. I love to pass on blessings!”

Join the 35th year anniversary celebration and pass on the blessings by adding “Joni and Friends” to your station line-up.  Contact Lee Ann Jackson to start this week!

(Take a moment to watch the “Joni and Friends” 35th year video here and, share it socially with your listeners too!)



What Stations are Saying
  • Connie VanKleeck

    Congratulations, Joni, on 35 years of ministry! We’ve aired your program from our founding, which was in 1985. We have very loyal listeners who appreciate your heartfelt insights each day. Your honesty in sharing your struggles as a quadriplegic encourage our listeners as they face their daily struggles. A few years ago we moved your program to a different time and there was such an response from our listeners that we put it back where it was! You are loved and prayed for. God bless you, Ken and the whole Joni & Friends family! Connie VanKleeck, General Manager of the Sound of Life Radio Network in the Hudson Valley region of New York State.


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