By: Charley Mefferd November 11, 2019

Lakers or Celtics? New Coke or Classic Coke? Betamax or VHS?

Those are just three of the most famous rivalries during my childhood. Michael Jordan wasn’t yet on the Chicago Bulls, so I was a Larry Bird fan, I hated New Coke, and sadly, my family purchased a Betamax.  While Sony did create the better product in Betamax, which boasted a higher picture resolution and the first all-in-one video camera, VHS dominated the market and rendered Betamax obsolete in just a few years.

Back at my parents’ home this summer, I came across a dusty box of Betamax tapes.  Our original Betamax VCR had stopped working sometime during the George H. W. Bush administration, so we haven’t been able to watch these vintage home videos in decades. I toted the tape box back to Dallas and was now on the hunt to find for a good working Betamax player on eBay.

After a few weeks of trying, I finally won an auction and bought a great unit for a reasonable price. Once it arrived, I lifted the extremely heavy Betamax player out of the padded box, leafed through the age-stained manual, and fired up this circa 1985 behemoth. Once I adjusted the “tracking” a bit, it worked like a charm.  I immediately started to relive some of the highlights of my childhood in all of their grainy glory.

As much fun as it was to revisit family parties and hear my grandma’s voice again, the experience was bittersweet, because many of my family members have died. Some were strong Christians, but sadly, a few weren’t and passed on without accepting Christ as their Savior. James 4:14 says, “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.”

As I was reflecting on this last week, I heard John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion, offer a timely reminder about unsaved loved ones on Share Life Today. John said,

I know that the holidays can bring both feelings of wonder and hope, as well as dread and anxiety. Oftentimes, family gatherings can cause stress. But do you know what? We have a joy greater than any season of life! We have the Living Savior who draws us near to Him, if only we’ll come! Think about Eternity – is there a family member who you’ll see that needs Jesus? Let them see your joy and pray fervently for this person before you see them this year. Ask God for an opportunity to share what the upcoming season is really about – His grace! The Holy Spirit is in the business of saving people, just make yourself an available vessel! Don’t be scared to share the love of Jesus – cast your anxiety on Him because He cares for you – and your lost loved one!

This holiday season, we’d like to encourage your listeners with evangelism tips and witnessing tools. If you don’t yet air Share Life Today, we’d encourage you to do so.  Please let me know by emailing me at


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