By: Jennifer Perez April 25, 2019

With people like you and me.

But learning how to engage the culture and bring clarity to a confusing world can be a challenge.  It requires discipleship and the Colson Center offers an excellent training program that I want you to know about and also for sharing with your listeners.

The Colson Fellows Program equips serious-minded Christians from every walk of life – people like you – with practical skills, biblical knowledge, and a solid Christian worldview so you can thoughtfully engage with post-Christian culture and work to re-shape the world in the light of God’s kingdom.

As John Stonestreet shared on a recent edition of “The Point” . . .

Every commentary, webinar, short course, article, and program of the Colson Center is designed to offer clarity on the culture from a Christian worldview.  But the goal isn’t just to think clearly.  It’s to live redemptively.  The deepest dive we offer into Christian worldview is the Colson Fellows Program.

Colson Fellows study with us for nine months through distance learning, webinars, and in-person residencies.  The program equips Christians to confidently approach culture with biblical clarity.

Colson Fellows also work with mentors to develop a 3-year plan for action and ministry.  They have taken their Christian worldview training to state legislatures, board rooms, schools, medical research, prisons, churches, businesses, racial reconciliation efforts, the arts—in other words, in every area of life.

About 235 Fellows from this year’s program will be commissioned at the Wilberforce Weekend in May and the ministry is now accepting applications for their next class.  As a graduate of the program myself, I strongly encourage you to consider applying, but don’t wait; the deadline to apply is June 1.  Learn more at

What do you gain by becoming a Colson Fellow?

  • Spiritual & Intellectual Transformation
  • Clear Vision & Purpose
  • Practical Skills & Wisdom
  • Powerful Network

A recent graduate shared this about his experience:

I was not anticipating the profound impact the program would have on my life.  I view it as one of a handful of life experiences that have been truly transformative.  I have found that the implications of worldview have deeply influenced my counseling practice, my work, my relationship with my wife and family.  I’m now enabled to unashamedly speak God’s truth within my circle of influence.

Thank you for your partnership with BreakPoint and the Colson Center as together we help build up believers to boldly share God’s truth.


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