By: Haley Jessup March 26, 2018

“You can find opportunities to show mercy right in your own neighborhood!” —Don Stephens

On a recent edition of The Mercy Minute, Don Stephens shares a story about a breast cancer survivor named Jesse who makes tote bags out of recycled materials to give to other survivors. And, inside the bag is always a note of encouragement!

Jesse goes to assisted living locations, senior centers and schools, where volunteers help her put the bags together.

And she always feels the love as the encouragement is often passed right back to her either in person or through comments on her blog.

Jesse is a true example of the phrase “pay it forward” … to see the ripple effect of kindness in action is pretty remarkable.

As Don shares, “Kindness is contagious … and so is mercy! Now you go, look around your neighborhood and find an opportunity to show contagious mercy to someone today.”


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