By: Jennifer Perez April 24, 2017

As a Pastor himself, this is a question that Jim Garlow gets asked a lot! His answer?

Jim says that there’s good news and bad news!

“The good news? The church is alive and well! And considering all we’re going through, globally, the church of Jesus Christ is marching forward and God is faithful. And that’s based on two premises:

One—that God is faithful, and two—that the people of God, the church, are profoundly resilient.

Here’s the bad news. A lot of people who call themselves a part of the church—are so acculturated to the broader culture around them—you can’t tell they’re actually followers of Jesus Christ. The question is: Where do you stand?

Have you become so blended into the culture that no one would know for sure whether you’re a follower of Christ or not? It’s an important question for all of us to ask ourselves!”

This week, listeners to The Garlow Perspective will hear Jim’s warnings about missional drift and what the responsibility of the church has to its local community.


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