By: Peggy Campbell February 9, 2021

Name the actor described below who also guested on a memorable episode of “Monk”—if you can name the episode or gist of the story, bonus points!

1-Brian Hackett / “Wings”

2-George Costanza / “Seinfeld”

3-Wayne Fiscus / “St Elsewhere” (and host of Deal or No Deal)

4-Rapper; real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr; acquitted of murder in 1996; still singing.  If you call it that.

5-Mr. Barbra Streisand; dad of Josh; Dr. Steven Kiley / “Marcus Welby, M.D.

6-Singing another tune (other than “On the Road Again” or “Always on My Mind”) when hit with a $16M bill for tax evasion.

7-Rudy.  Oh, yes—and son of Patti and “Gomez” J.

8-Nigel Kipling / “The Devil Wears Prada” … and BONUS points if you can connect the dots to his co-star (Mrs. John Krasinski) in that film.

9-Love interest of a “youthful” Tom Hanks (“Big”) … and Maureen O’Hara character in remake of Christmas classic.

10-Jackie Harris / “Roseanne” … then it was Mary Cooper (Sheldon’s mom).

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Answers to last week’s “MR. BRADY” Trivia:

1-Where was Tom Brady born?             San Mateo CA

2-Where did Brady attend college and what was the team name?           University of Michigan / Wolverines

2-In what round was Brady drafted in 2000?             Sixth (!)

3-What number did Tom Brady wear as a Patriot?   #12 (same as Buccaneer)

4-What QB was replaced by Brady in 2001?   Drew Bledsoe

5-Tom’s first Super Bowl appearance was against which team?            St Louis Rams (2002)

6-What other sport was a Brady talent (including being drafted by a pro team)?   Baseball (Montreal Expos)

7-The “Wells Report” which centered around a possible cheating scandal was nicknamed what?          Deflategate

8-Who did Tom marry in 2009?             Gisele Bundchen

9-How many Super Bowls has Tom Brady played in and led team to win?  How many lost?   Now 7 / 3 record … how is that not amazing!

10-What # Super Bowl is being played Sunday?        55



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