By: Lee Ann Jackson July 8, 2018

I’m a fan of quotes  . . .  so much so that I keep a running list of quotes in the notes app on my phone.  I gather quotes from all sources: books, devotionals, movies, sermons and radio messages (big surprise there, huh?).

It’s probably no surprise though that a lot of what I’ve saved originates from Joni Eareckson Tada.

Whether it’s her radio programs, speaking events or  books, I always keep a pen and paper nearby, because inevitably, I know I’ll have plenty of fodder to add to my “Joni-isms”  file!

Here are 5 quotes I’ve gleaned from “Joni and Friends” programs airing this month alone:

  1. Look for God’s blessings in your everyday circumstances. Then, pass on the blessing — reinforce the gift of generosity in the life of someone who has been kind to you.
  2. Take time to be still before Him, seeking His mind and His desire for your today…and all your tomorrows.
  3. Wait on Him today, believing that what God has planned for you is so much better than what you could ever grab for yourself.
  4. Be wise in the way you act when you are out and about…make the most of every opportunity, and always let your conversation be seasoned with words that somehow make people thirsty for what you have.
  5. Problems offer us the opportunity to give silent, relevant witness to the difference faith in God can make.

Not airing Joni’s 4:00 or 1:00 daily radio programs?  Contact me to add either, or both, features to your line-up and, at the same time, you’ll add to your listeners’ vaults of quotes and isms from Joni – all words with eternal perspective!


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