By: Lee Ann Jackson June 5, 2017

Our church recently welcomed a new Worship Pastor – it’s been great learning new songs and enjoying his style of leading worship, though I have to say, a highlight for me was the “Getting to Know You” session we had with him last week.

It was great asking him questions about where he grew up, what led him to want to lead worship and even about his favorite hymns.   (By the way, his favorite hymn is a favorite of mine, O Love That Will Not Let me Go – he likes this particular hymn because of its deep truth which, in his words, “really moves him” . . . have to agree with  him there!)

There’s something about spending a few minutes getting to know someone . . . their likes, people they admire, favorite movies and other insights into the person God created them to be.   Learning what our new pastor’s favorite hymn is (and why!), gives me a deeper appreciation for him . . . it adds texture and depth to my appreciation of the person leading us in worship every Sunday.

On the Joni and Friends web site, there’s a section called “Joni’s Corner” which shares about Joni’s favorite hymns, quotes and other favorite things.  The description on the page reads:  “Everyone has favorites — books, places to visit, restaurants — and Joni’s list is a fascinating collection which reflects her cheerful personality and passion for Jesus Christ.”

The page outlines many of Joni’s Favorite things including:

  • History Books
  • Children’s Books
  • Movies
  • Memories
  • Food

My favorite section on the page is Joni’s Favorite Quotes — each one is so rich and indeed, so reflects her cheerful personality and passion for Jesus Christ!

For instance, one of Joni’s favorite quotes listed on the page is from Oswald Chambers:

“It is a great thing to see physical courage, and greater still to see moral courage, but the greatest to see of all is spiritual courage; oh, to see a person who will stand true to the integrity of Jesus Christ no matter what he or she goes through!”

You can read more about Joni’s Favorite things here  . . .  including her favorite web sites and other insightful resources – feel free to share the site with your listeners by linking to it via your web site and /or social media accounts!

While you’re on the Joni and Friends web site, take a moment to visit the radio page too – it’s another great resource site where you can listen (or read the transcripts!) from both the four-minute daily program, “Joni and Friends” and the one-minute feature, “Diamonds in the Dust!”

(And, thank you for praying for this summer’s Joni and Friends Family Retreats – check out the web site here for ways you and your listeners can be involved!)



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