By: Jennifer Perez December 16, 2016

Since the election, I’ve had interesting exchanges with friends and family members who believe differently than I do.  Perhaps, like me, you have been surprised by the response from those you expected would have the same perspective or mindset as you.

I’ve come to realize more and more that the way you live and believe is shaped by your worldview.  And, while many Christians feel the conviction to engage the culture for Christ, they lack the confidence to step out boldly.  That’s why we’re grateful for your partnership with BreakPoint as together, we’re helping believers intelligently and passionately live out their faith every day.

Equipping a movement of believers committed to living out and defending the Christian worldview may sound like a big undertaking – but it really comes down to helping individual men and women live out their faith with confidence wherever God calls them.

Whether that means at home, in the office – or in Bob’s case, on Capitol Hill . . . read what he shared with BreakPoint recently:

“I worked on Capitol Hill with a congressman who introduced me to Chuck Colson. And over the years, I’ve looked to Chuck’s books as solid guidelines for my walk with Jesus. Now, I feel much more confident in sharing my Christian worldview – which is being developed more and more through the Colson Center.

I always look forward to what John or Eric have to say on BreakPoint. And I appreciate that many of their commentaries relate to the week’s news. I’m a grateful learner and fellow sojourner with all who value the Colson Center. My life has been enriched, and I pray more people can receive some of that same grace and truth.”

Thank you for helping encourage faithful listeners like Bob and so many others like him to confidently live out a Christian worldview.

We hope you enjoy a blessed Christmas season and we look forward to deepening our partnership with you in 2017!


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