By: Lee Ann Jackson December 21, 2022

Santa isn’t the only one who knows the value of lists.  On social media platforms, lists, or “listicles,” are an effective way to engage your followers with your content.

What are listicles?

A “listicle” is copy made of a list – snackable form of content that brings together text in list form.  This form of writing has gained great success on social media platforms because it’s perfectly designed for audiences used to quick, casual, and visually focused information.

Exactly what is the appeal behind listicles?

  • Lists are memorable:  When we space things out or break things up, it’s easier for our brains to retain the information (think hyphens and phone numbers – that little dash helps us remember numbers easier!).
  • Make us feel organized: Feeling organized has a calming effect, which eases stress and helps make us more productive.   Even notice how when you come across a listicle, you almost breathe a sigh of relief ?
  • Time savers:  A listicle gives you a series of points from which to explore further in your own time.  Basically, a quick look at a listicle and you move on with your busy day.

Here are some ideas for your radio station or organization’s Christmas social media listicle posts:

  • Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs (and why!)
  • List Holiday Traditions Your Staff Enjoys
  • DIY. How Tos during the holidays are the most searchable lists – how to decorate your home, how to wrap gifts, etc.
  • Bible verses to share in your Christmas card (list 5-10 verses).


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