By: August 10, 2018

Last month we introduced a new piece called the Media Translator.  This collection of news and insights are carefully curated by us from the rapidly-changing, and sometimes daunting, industries of media and communication.  Want to capture a digestible snapshot of what’s now and what’s next as you strategize the future of Christian broadcasting?  Then take a look at our latest edition!

In the August edition:

  • The best ways to reach millennials (who make up 31% of the U.S. radio listener population).
  • Survey results: “How has your listening to AM/FM radio stations changed overall since you got a smart speaker?”
  • Netflix tries out radio, and Pandora opens their box to audio ads
  • The best quotes from Podcast Movement
  • …and more!

Happy reading!

Media Translator (August 2018 Edition) >>


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