By: Selah Cosentino April 19, 2018

“How do you find love when all people want to do is look at their phones?”

“What questions do you ask on a first date?”

“Does the girl have to wait for the guy to ask her out, or can she invite him?”

These are all questions today’s generation of singles is facing.  And as a single Christian millennial, I can personally say that there are many more!

Singles and young adults can easily feel like they’re the only ones who experience loneliness or awkwardness when it comes to dating and marriage.  We can feel like we’ve “missed the boat” … that we’re somehow insufficient, immature, or otherwise not “marriage material”—and though marriage is a desire, getting to that point doesn’t seem possible.

Lisa Anderson says:

“I think there’s an assumption that you turn 18 and all of a sudden, you’re mature.”

To offer a friendly hand when folks realize that growing up is indeed not “automatic,” Focus on the Family created Boundless in 1998.  The ministry helps young adults to …

“grow up, own their faith, date with purpose and prepare for marriage and family.”

They do that through a weekly radio program, podcast, articles, and ultimately—the power of community.

The summer after graduating from college, I began casually listening to The Boundless Show.  Over the past four years, I’ve become a Boundless fanatic (or really, a “fan-addict”!) as each week I can’t wait for a new program to post!  The content ministers to me in deep ways that I often didn’t even know I needed until Boundless addresses them!

Naturally, I was elated to hear of a brand-new undertaking at Boundless—called “The Dating Project: A Boundless Conversation.”

It’s a follow up video and discussion study to a documentary called “The Dating Project” that released on April 17th (which a couple friends and I enjoyed going to see!).  The videos feature Lisa with film director Jon Cipiti, diving deeper into the messy world of dating.  In this blog post, Lisa shares:

“The reality is there’s no prescription for successful dating. You can’t apply a formula to your relationships, add everything up, and get the result of lasting love and happiness.  Bummer.  What you can do is apply healthy principles (both biblical and practical) to your relationships so that you’re not stuck in the dead-end patterns that this documentary describes.”

That’s exactly what she does—along with guest contributors Henry Cloud, Gary Thomas, and Debra Fileta—throughout the series.

I plan to share the resource with my friends—and I hope you’ll do the same.  Young adults certainly crave direction and purpose, especially while navigating the 20s and 30s.  If you already air The Boundless Show, thank you for providing that encouragement to my peers and me … and if you don’t yet air the program, let’s change that!  (It’s customized with your station’s ID when you use Amb-OS, too!)

“The Dating Project” documentary ended with this line:

“Go on a date, and date differently.”

Why stop there?  Thanks to Boundless, I’m inspired to …

Go live your life, and live differently!


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