By: Selah Cosentino June 11, 2018

Though we all know there are no perfect relationships, sometimes it can feel like our own interpersonal connections are much worse than everyone else’s.  Especially when it comes to family, historic—or current—pain and trauma can lead us to believe that our issues are outside the scope of restoration … beyond the ability to heal.

Some would say that’s what Bart Millard’s life looked like.  In an interview with PEOPLE, the lead singer for MercyMe said of his father, “I don’t think anyone realized how abusive he was going to become.  I ended up living in fear for most of my childhood.”

PEOPLE reported, “While his father didn’t drink or have substance abuse issues, he did have a short temper and grew accustomed to taking out his frustrations on his son. ‘If he got embarrassed or cut off in traffic or whatever, he would take a swing at me,’ Millard recalls. ‘I was like his punching bag.’”

With that background, how could Father’s Day ever be anything but painful?

This Friday, Bart Millard shares with Charles Morris on HAVEN Today the insight he gained and the restoration God brought to him and his dad.

All week long, other guests, including “I Can Only Imagine” film co-director Jon Erwin, discuss the various aspects of broken relationships and how Christ can restore them through forgiveness.

Surely, there’s no more damaged relationship than the one between fallen humanity and our Creator.  But, God’s power and grace offer redemption—drawing us into His family through salvation … if we just accept the gift!

No matter where your listeners are on the relational continuum, every person can gain insight and encouragement from the on-air conversations this week.  As Charles Morris closes HAVEN Today regularly … it’s all about Jesus!

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  • John Hayden

    Hello Selah, A good article. Grateful for men like Bart who share so openly past pain so that others might find hope, encouragement, and the strength to move beyond past broken relationships. May the Lord use this week of programs and podcasts to touch people around the globe.

    And ain’t nobody like Charles Morris. 😉

    Thanks to you and your group for what you do and who you are.


    • Selah Cosentino

      Hi, John! You are so right … I’m thankful for the people who aren’t afraid to let God use them and their stories to draw others closer to Him. There’s definitely no one like Charles–he is one such man who lives his life in a truly “all about Jesus” mode! Thank you for what YOU do for the Kingdom, too, John!


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