By: Charley Mefferd November 10, 2016

Move over, Thanksgiving — there’s a new holiday this month!  November 15 is Openly Secular Day – a day set aside for individuals to openly reject God and to proudly proclaim their nonbelief.  The day was created by the group Openly Secular, whose expressed goal is to “eliminate discrimination and increase acceptance by getting secular people – including atheists, freethinkers, agnostics, humanists and nonreligious people – to be open about their beliefs.”

Openly Secular envisions a world “where there are no social costs for being secular, where families and communities remain whole when some members have moved away from religion or supernaturalism.”

We as Christians know that there are costs for being “secular,” both here on earth and in eternity.  True joy is only found in Jesus Christ, and secularists who reject God based on their “reason” often don’t fully understand what they are rejecting.

Now there’s a new video to help you respond to skeptics with the truth about God’s existence! John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion and host of the daily 1-min feature, Share Life Today, has put together Reasonable Answers for Honest Skeptics. In it, John gives a short but memorable explanation on how to counter the frequent objection by skeptics that they don’t believe in God because they don’t have evidence.

We’d invite you to watch this video below. If you like it, feel free to share it on your radio station’s social media or website.


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