By: Jennifer Perez November 18, 2016

“As God’s children, you are to shine out like stars in a dark and perverse world.” – Philippians 2:15

BreakPoint recently received this listener note, a reminder that every Christian is called to take their faith into every area of their lives, and an encouragement that the Colson Center is equipping listeners to do exactly that.  Andrew writes . . .

“I loved Chuck, and I believe it’s a good thing you are carrying on one of his prime passions: encouraging believers to engage their minds and the culture, and then, as Chuck liked to say, ‘take it into the market place.’ The Colson Center helps us believers shine as lights in our dark world!”

In a letter to ministry supporters this week, John Stonestreet wrote, “The election is finally over, but our nation remains deeply divided. It has never been more clear that politics will not solve the problems we face.

Christians know one thing for certain. Hope is not lost!

God has placed you and me in this place… at this cultural moment in history… to think clearly, speak boldly and act restoratively in the culture. That calling has not changed because of the election.

Together, we will equip even more Christians to live out their faith in this culture – for the sake of King Jesus – with clarity and courage.”

And, we thank you for your partnership which makes it possible for the Colson Center to reach listeners like Andrew, equipping him to engage the culture with a Christian worldview.

We pray that you enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving time and that you, too, have opportunity to share the Good News with those around your dinner table.


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