By: Haley Jessup April 27, 2018

Last week, Brian and I went to a Warner Bros. Studio Tour as part of our anniversary celebration.

The tour is 2 hours long, and they take you all over the different lots, offices, and sound rooms to get a behind the scenes look at some of America’s favorite movies and TV shows.

At the end of the tour, they take you to an interactive area, where you can sit on the iconic coffee shop couch from the TV show, Friends, ride a broomstick from Harry Potter, hold a real-life Oscar trophy, and more!

One of my favorites, though, was a section about perspective.

You place your phone or camera on a little podium, and two people take a seat at the table pictured above. One chair is big and closer to the camera, while the other is small and farther away. So when you snap your photo, it makes one person look like a hobbit … or the other look like a giant. 🙂

It’s so true that perspective changes everything.

And this is one of the many things I deeply appreciate about the Bible—that no matter what you’re going through here on earth, God’s Word provides us with the most refreshing and hope-filled perspective. It gives us the truth we need for a brand-new heavenly-focused lens.

Thank you for airing The Book and inviting your listeners to engage with this Book of all books each and every day!


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