By: Lee Ann Jackson October 3, 2016

I’ve heard it said that a budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations.

On October 16th, Planned Parenthood “celebrates” turning one hundred years and leading up to the day, Brad Mattes of “Life Issues,” has a special one week series of programming planned.

One of the topics in the series is the organization’s budget — as Brad notes, Planned Parenthood’s annual budget is one point three billion dollars:

“Over a half-billion comes from tax dollars to fund their aggressive abortion agenda.  They get about one-and-a-half million tax dollars every day.”

Beyond numbers, values and aspirations, these figures represent lives. In his commitment to educate listeners as to the truth behind Planned Parenthood, Brad shares the tragic statistic that the life of an unborn baby is taken by the organization every ninety-six seconds.

The special programming series will also shed light on these other areas of Planned Parenthood:

– Nearly eighty-percent of their mills are within walking distance of neighborhoods of women of color.  You can read more here about the research Life Issues has compiled regarding how Planned Parenthood targets minorities.

– An undercover investigation shows Planned Parenthood staff on video participating in the selling of aborted baby body parts for profit, a felony violation of the law. You can learn more here via videos and accompanying documentation from Life Issues.

– To date, Planned Parenthood has stopped the beating hearts of nearly seven million babies – more Planned Parenthood statistics are available here.

As Brad reflects, “Isn’t it a tragic injustice this organization is celebrating their long life when they’ve denied life to millions of others?”

Certainly this information about Planned Parenthood leads one to question their  expression of the values and aspirations.


P.S.  Not currently airing “Life Issues?” Contact me to add this timely one-minute feature to your on-air schedule in time to share this 5-day series on Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary.


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