By: Jennifer Perez January 19, 2017

The 2017 March for Life is taking place in Washington DC on January 27th.  It’s the largest pro-life rally in the country, and The Colson Center will be there.  Both John Stonestreet and Warren Smith will be speaking at various pro-life events taking place in the city that week.

If you can’t travel to Washington, you can pray.  They have provided a prayer guide as an aid to your prayer—whether you are attending or not.  It was produced by The Colson Center, but with input and cooperation from some of the largest pro-life ministries in the country, including March for Life, Students for Life of America, CareNet, Focus on the Family, and others.

Jesus prayed that “we would be one” just as He and the Father are one.  This prayer guide is a tangible example of the unity Jesus prayed for.  So, please join us and invite your listeners to join together in prayer.  Share the “21 Days of Prayer for Life” guide with them; it’s also available as a mobile app!

Thank you for your partnership with “BreakPoint” and The Colson Center.


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