By: Lee Ann Jackson October 11, 2016

Last week, we held our Re:Cast Summit, a one day intensive gathering with key industry speakers and leaders to dialogue about ways to make sense of the media mix.

In addition to a Focus Group session designed to invite input from the Christian radio community on listening and engagement trends, the event also featured speakers which included Radio and Streaming guru Fred Jacobs and Rebekah Radice sharing expertise on social media and content marketing.

The event was a time of substantive learning and exchanging as the group gathered to consider some of the most critical issues facing Christian broadcasters.

For the presentation, discussions and dialogs, the three areas of focus were a look at radio . . . past, present and future:

1. Valuing radio

2. Cultural shift

3. Media mix going forward

As one would imagine, with the caliber of those gathered, the event included insightful and valuable dialogue – following are 10 take-aways from the Re:Cast speakers:

Fred Jacobs

1. Survey your audience so you can serve them better.

2. It’s so important from the standpoint of how you depict your energies to understand the social footprint of your audience.

3. Women are more likely to share – guys are not as influential . . . get connected with the lady who is energized and engaged.

4. Radio is at its best when at the voice of the local community, when it embraces technology or the digital revolution.

5. You have to invest in your brand – social is another great way to connect with your audience

Rebekah Radice

6. It’s vital to define social media’s role in your strategy.

7. Facebook is the place where we all started and it’s still the place where our audience easily finds us.

8. Regarding social platform followers, its quality, not quantity.

9. When you speak to everyone, you connect with no one.

10. You can’t get into social media until you figure out what you want to get out of it.

Stay tuned for more Re:Cast take-aways later this week – in the meantime, search #ReCast16 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for additional immediate insights!



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